• Yes, please use the contact form to send us a message requesting a change, including the request to add an additional artwork (maximum 3 artworks per competition year).

  • A juried exhibition is an exhibition that shows artwork selected through a competitive process.

  • An artist statement is a short text of about 100 words that provides context for the creation and/or intent of the artwork for the jurors and viewers in the finalist exhibition. Artists must not identify themselves in the artist’s statement.

    Read our guide part 1 and part 2 to writing an artist’s statement judges will love and your audience will appreciate.

  • The artwork submitted must be exactly what will be in the exhibition if selected as a finalist. No substitution will be allowed after the submission deadline.

  • No, the work must be finished by the time of submission.

  • The artwork should be exactly as it would be exhibited if selected as a finalist, i.e., if it is to be framed, the images at the time of submission should be of the framed work.

  • No, your certification of authorship at the time of submission is adequate.

  • Jury members are asked to consider the following criteria:

    • Originality—freshness of aspect or style; unique adaptation of ideas
    • Creativity—the use of imagination or original ideas to create an artistic work
    • Content—inspiration for an artistic work, considering the artist’s statement
    • Overall excellence—quality of work; virtuosity of technique so the technique enhances the work’s creativity.
  • An image’s quality and resolution influence the jury’s ability to fully appreciate the work. Jurors can magnify images to view detail.

  • No, unfortunately jurors do not provide feedback.

  • SSNAP respects First Nations, Inuit and Métis artistic expression, cultural protocols, Indigenous rights and Indigenous worldviews as a fundamental part of the processes of conciliation and reconciliation in Canada. The creative freedom of all artists must respect and honour the right of First Nations, Inuit, Métis and all Indigenous peoples to cultural sovereignty.

  • The artwork must be “substantially completed” after January 1, 2022, but may use older original materials which are the original work of the submitting artist. SSNAP Society should be consulted on the eligibility of collages where the images are not the work of the submitting artist.

    • Old negatives, recently printed and traditionally toned in a wet darkroom, are not eligible.
    • Old negatives, recently scanned and digitally toned to mimic a wet-toning effect, are not eligible.
  • There is a submission fee to help the not-for-profit SSNAP Society defray the costs of managing SSNAP.

  • No, submissions are not refundable.

  • No—there is no minimum price, but artists should consider the price charged for comparable works when pricing their artwork.

  • There is a 35% commission fee on artwork sold to support the management of SSNAP by the not-for-profit SSNAP Society and to contribute towards the awards. Revenue collected through commission fees is committed to the prize.

  • No, all submitted artworks must be for sale.

  • Respond to the potential purchaser that art sales are being handled by the SSNAP Society. Have the individual contact SSNAP Society’s Operations Manager through the Contact page here.

  • We recognize that AI art generators such as DALL-E, Jasper, and Dream are having an impact on the art world and artists may utilize these tools in their work.

    At this time, artwork wholly or substantially generated by an AI art generator is not eligible for SSNAP.

    We welcome artwork submissions that use AI art generators as part of the creative process provided SSNAP can verify the artist is the primary creator of the work. Artists considering using an AI art generator in their work should contact SSNAP Society prior to submission to discuss potential eligibility issues.

  • Importing artwork into Canada may be costly and we recommend artists research these costs prior to submitting to SSNAP from outside of Canada. Costs may include brokerage fees, customs and duties fees, Goods and Services Tax (GST), and other fees.

    Finalists are responsible for all costs to import their artwork into Canada and return it to the country of origin or other destination. SSNAP will reimburse Finalists up to $200 CDN for shipping and importation costs. Finalists must submit receipts within the prescribed timeframe to receive reimbursement.

  • Please contact the volunteer coordinator through our contact form.

  • Volunteers are allowed to submit to SSNAP. Only the Board Chair, Director of SSNAP Society, and Jury members are not permitted to submit.

  • As a not-for-profit, charitable organization, volunteers make our work possible. To show our appreciation to our volunteers, we invite them to participate in mid-season events, attend a Volunteer Appreciation Night, and provide free entry to any events the volunteer works at plus a free monthly pass to the SSNAP exhibition. There are also the heart-warming benefits of meeting new people, having fun working in a team, learning new skills, and pride in supporting the Canadian and local arts scene. 

  • We have opportunities in the SSNAP Society for longer-term volunteers. We also welcome volunteers looking for opportunities of shorter duration.

    To contribute to the SSNAP Society, consider letting your name stand for our Board of Directors, the Steering Committee, working with the Artist in Residency Team, or participating as a Volunteer Advisor.

    Short-term volunteer opportunities that require fewer hours of commitment include participating as a show steward, volunteering for one of our events or exhibitions, working in hospitality, participating in our Youth Event, writing grants, doing audio visual work at a show, and more.

  • We are looking for volunteers of all levels of experience. There are many ways to contribute your skills. Training, if required, is given in a friendly and patient way.  

  • We welcome volunteers of all abilities. The SSNAP Society values inclusion and strives to have our organization reflect the diversity of our community. Please contact us and we will explore what volunteering opportunities will work for you.

  • Volunteers holding or wishing to obtain Food Safe, SIR or SES certification are certainly welcome. Please let us know if this is how you would like to be involved.

  • No, we will find a replacement for your time slot. All we ask is that you let us know as soon as possible.