SSNAP 2017 Artist Talks – Nicole Paul

Nicole Paul (Prince Albert SK)
Thursday October 19, 12-1pm, Mahon Hall
Free with exhibition entry

Born and raised in Saskatchewan, I completed my Bachelors of Fine Arts Honours degree at the University of Saskatchewan. I am now commencing my Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Melbourne, Victoria College of the Arts. My artwork is very diverse in both subject matter and medium used. Much of what I create is used as a vessel to look into my aboriginal heritage as well as an expression of my aboriginal identity. I am passionate about the revitalisation of aboriginal cultures and languages and I hope to use my artwork as a catalyst to start discussion and awareness of aboriginal issues. Currently I spend my time living between Whitehorse and Australia. Living in a different country has given me a fresh perspective on the diversity of aboriginal cultures and community, thus sparking new inspirations for future work.