Corri-Lynn Tetz

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

Shadow | 36″ x 42″ | Oil on canvas Corri-Lynn Tetz is best known for her inventive figuration, melding bodies and landscape through paint and intuitive material explorations. The painting “Shadow” explores the pull towards mystical experience and was made with the generous support of the Conseil des Art et des Lettres du Québec.


Carole Pilon

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

Pied nu (Barefoot) | 5″ x 25″ x 10″| Cast crystal, paper pulp, resin, oil colour This work comes from research on the adaptation of bodies, a powerful phenomenon that is observed both in humans and in nature. In “Pied nu” the contrast in the treatment of materials suggest the precarious balance that characterizes our world, a universe where the …


Catherine De Abreu

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

Connexion rompue | 14″ x 17″ x 36″ | Céramique, époxy, feuilles de laiton This sculpture relates to memory, specifically the loss of memory. A few years ago, my grandmother, who had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, passed away. For as long as I can remember, she voiced a fear she had of “losing her mind’’, a state she associated …


Jamie Bradbury

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

Rez Life (Bertie) | 8.5″ x 11″ | Pencil on Fabriano paper This portrait, entitled ‘Bertie’, was rendered in March 2017, during the Mikw Chiyâm seven week art residency / concentration, located in the Cree community Waskaganish in northern Québec. Bertie was a student participant in the program. This work is part of an ongoing multidisciplinary series incorporating drawing, painting, …

Annie Baillargeon

SSartprize Finalist 2015

WINNER | JURORS CHOICE AWARD – JUROR, VICKY CHAINEY GAGNON – $2,000 As a performance artist, Annie Baillargeon creates metaphorical works that centre on the body as a central motif. The artist’s practice crosses genres and mediums in a multidisciplinary meditation on human interactions, both sociological and intimate. In these images, the multiple static and moving figures suggest sumptuous baroque …

Jacynthe Carrier

SSartprize Finalist 2015

#2 From The Serie Rites | 30” high x 40” wide | Photo inkjet print Carrier’s process spreads beyond the boundaries of disciplines. The essence of her work is not restricted specifically to performance, photography, or video – her practice is first and foremost an exploration of the living. She muses on humans, their relation to each other, to their …

Lucien Duhamel

SSartprize Finalist 2015

L’Ile-aux-Coudres | 24″ X 36″ | Photography Seeing from inside, curiosity, questioning the enigma of place, are all emotions which fascinate me. With no preconception, I imagine a story, or simply understand and decipher the situation which presents itself to me. This seeing-through is always a little incomprehensible. “L’Ile-aux-Coudres” was taken in this context, I wished this photo, taken from …

Jessica Sallay-Carrington

SSartprize Finalist 2015

Bound | 14″ high x 7″ wide x 7″ deep | Ceramic, wire, leather My sculptures are built as solid forms. When the clay has begun to harden, I cut the figure into pieces, hollowing out each piece and reassembling it before it is fired. It is fired as one hollow piece.

Courtney Clinton

SSartprize Finalist 2015

Sunday Afternoon | 30″ high x 22″ wide | Watercolour “Sunday Afternoon” is a watercolour done from the life of my sister as she writes. It functions as both a portrait and a self-portrait in its depiction of the artist actively creating. Stylistically, the work pays homage to the paintings of Dorothy Knowles by choosing to leave visible the charcoal …