Samantha Dickie

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

Cells | 32″ x 32″ x 20″ | Porcelain. 11 components “Cells” is part of an installation project that brings space and silence into the foreground as essential counterpoints to our modern rush of endless stimulus, distraction and motion. The interplay of positive and negative spaces inside, between and surrounding forms creates a narrative of contemplation where space becomes an …


Mia Daniels

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

Untitled (Coffee Cup) | 60″ x 45″ | Textiles quilted on canvas Derived from a flattened disposable coffee cup collected from the city-street, shape-abstraction is used to explore relational systems, flexible and hybrid structures. The vessel is framed as an expandable object: a ubiquitous cultural remnant embedded with the potential for many kinds of understanding – transversal subjectivities and multiple …


Brandon Cotter

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

Can There Be Catharsis for Colonizers? | 81″ x 3″ x 41″ | Hand-bleached Canadian red ensign (1920c.), Handmade gold beaver finial, Flag pole and bracket. I hand-bleached this Canadian flag in a metal bucket for over an hour in my kitchen. As I churned the slowly fading symbol of colonialism through the murky broth, I thought about my country …


Eszter Burghardt

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

Thief | 28″ x 42″ | Photograph. Archival print on paper “Thief” from the series “In Sheep’s Clothing” depicts a figure dressed in a wool wolf pelt disguising the wearer much like the fable “The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”. The human is portrayed as the villain as opposed to the wolf, as is the tradition in folklore, contemporary media and …


Nancy Boyd

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

Hemi-Drift | 36″ x 48″ | Mixed media and spray paint on panel “Hemi-Drift” explores the creative process and the fugitive nature of all things; be that a moment in a painting or the position of particles in the quantum universe. I marvel at energy finding ways to manifest as form: so varied, so oddly specific, so mysteriously beautiful and …


Tianna Barton

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

Vessel 1 | 9″ x 9″ x 6″ | Ceramic As the creation of functional ceramic vessels has traditionally been women’s craft, so is the creation of life in the womb. These mixed sentiments are intended to encourage dialogue. They are a celebration of ‘womanhood’ and a critique of the problematic nature of woman seen as vessel: life-giver yet object, …

Jeff Wilson

SSartprize Finalist 2015

Moving Along | 36″ x 36″ | Acrylic on canvas This piece depicts a common sight in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside; a guy cycling along the street with a supermarket shopping cart, loaded with his worldly goods. I wanted to produce a socially relevant positive image of life in the neighbourhood, illustrating the resilience of marginalized people in the face of …

Nicola Wheston

SSartprize Finalist 2015

WINNER | PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD, 1ST PRIZE – $3,000 Nicola Wheston trained at the Ruskin School of Drawing, Oxford, England and at the Nova Scotia College of Art. For the first twelve years of her art career, Nicola worked as a printmaker, specializing in intaglio printing. It was during this period that she produced prints for artists from Canada, the …

Teresa Wasney

SSartprize Finalist 2015

Vanity Hare | 11-3/8″ x 9″ high | Cosmetics on paper The media used in this piece is cosmetics; primarily eyeshadow and blush, on paper. The creative process was multi-dimensional. My desire to “paint” with cosmetics combined with a personal exploration as to why we use cosmetics and the concept of beauty. It also sparked me to delve into the …

Fan-Ling Suen

SSartprize Finalist 2015

Bluebeard’s Children | 12″ high x 13.5″ wide, print 1 | 15″ high x 12″ wide, print 2 | 12″ high x 15″ wide, print 3 | Prints on linen “Bluebeard’s Children” is a series of three prints on linen. Drawing on historical and contemporary versions of the Bluebeard folk tale, the prints explore intertextuality and the shifts in narrative …