Deborah Wachter

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

Kitchen Party | 12″ x 36″ | Acrylic on canvas “Kitchen Party” is a genre piece which depicts a traditional Canadian social gathering. The image is made twisted or surreal by the employment of modern panoramic technology while speaking to the past through the application of paint on canvas.


Patrick Treacy

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

Monarchs | 48″ x 48″ | Oil on canvas “Monarchs” is based on the classical Greek myth of Actaeon, in which a Goddess turns a transgressive hunte into a stag. I relocate this metamorphosis to the boreal forest I knew as a child: a place that contains narratives of colonial trespass, exploration and settlement, as well as human and non-human …


Corri-Lynn Tetz

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

Shadow | 36″ x 42″ | Oil on canvas Corri-Lynn Tetz is best known for her inventive figuration, melding bodies and landscape through paint and intuitive material explorations. The painting “Shadow” explores the pull towards mystical experience and was made with the generous support of the Conseil des Art et des Lettres du Québec.


Alison Shields

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

Studio Conversations: Adam Gunn’s Studio | 22″ x 30″ | Oil on canvas Shields’ recent body of work emerged from a research project that took her across Canada, visiting over 125 artists in their studios. Following that journey, she created paintings of those spaces while re-listening to the interviews with the artists, thus extending that conversation and bringing it back …


Kae Sasaki

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

I know a bank where the wild thyme blows | 48″ x 48″ | Oil and patina over metal-leaf on panel The way we interpret and represent images, replaying and examining them endlessly, is critical to our perspective. I wanted to play with the shifting locus of memory and the blurring of reality by mixing, re-shuffling and juxtaposing multiple splices …


Sean Ross

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

Stripped Trailer | 20″ x 30″ | Chromogenic print A weathered trailer spills its contents into the foreground. Photographed in isolation, it appears as a diorama. It is a blueprint of lives once lived and the things that have been left behind. The image is a reflection on consumption, transient identities, and the modern human footprint.


Gillian Richards

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

Melting | 26″ x 32″ | Acrylic on panel This painting is part of an ongoing series that emerged from looking at the façades of houses in my Vancouver neighbourhood. With their unpeopled yards and driveways, I am intrigued by the vague feeling of voyeurism that results from looking at these private spaces from the public space of a sidewalk. …


Mena Martini

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

Like Mother and Child | 18″ x 24″ | Oil on canvas We are here to live Be brave my child Forgive your pain, the shadows when stark You are the light.


Katherine MacNeill

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

WINNER | JUROR’S CHOICE AWARD – JUROR, NAOMI POTTER – $2,000 After an intense and time-consuming career as a Certified Management Accountant, I retired with my husband and Siamese cat to our straw-bale home on a small acreage in the South Okanagan. I joined a local art group in 2015, discovered collage as my medium using paper and other recycled …


Jan Little

Jane Aitken Finalist 2017

WINNER | JUROR’S CHOICE AWARD – JUROR, DAVID GARNEAU – $2,000 Jan Little learned to create life in Emily Carr University’s film animation department, and has carried those tools into her current painting practice. Whether the piece is playful or studious, the focus of her art practice now is learning to be honest, to create something that truly describes her …