Panel event 2017 – The Creative Mind: Creativity in the Arts and Sciences

Panellists from the worlds of arts and science will explore the nature of creativity, what are its essential elements, and where the creative spark comes from. How do people conceive novel and original ideas for a sculpture, a musical score or a scientific breakthrough? What is the creative process like? Is exceptional creativity “born” or can it be nurtured? Under what conditions does creativity flourish? And last, but not least, what is the role of creativity in a healthy society? Why do we need it?
With: Atom Egoyan, one of the most celebrated contemporary filmmakers on the international scene.
Meaghan Ogilvie, an award winning Toronto photographer known for her evocative underwater photographs included in exhibitions and ocean conservation projects around the world.

Regretfully Art McDonald has had to withdraw from the Creative Mind panel due to a significant heath issue. The event will, however, will proceed as planned with our distinguished panellists Atom Egoyan and Meaghan Ogilvie.

Moderator Janet Halliwell.

Panel discussion is followed by a reception in the ArtSpring galleries.

Saturday October 14, 2017. 7:30pm, ArtSpring. Tickets $25
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With thanks to Chintan Bolliger (artwork) and Bryn Finer (stage management).