Judy Anderson

Winner, SSNAP 2017 –
After receiving the Joan McConnell Award and Residency for the best work in the competition, where is she now?

Being in residence on Salt Spring Island was a fantastic experience that I will never forget. The Island is small with a large art community who are friendly, welcoming and encouraging. After long days in the studio you do not have to go far to enjoy good company, amazing sites and the outdoors.

During my time on Salt Spring Island I started a new body of work that concentrates on Indigenous spiritual thought, Cree language, and Indigenous ways of making. Specifically, I started beading four 8″ diameter circles, each one representing one of the sacred directions, on trade cloth. In the middle of the circle, in graffiti, I beaded the Plains Cree word for the color associated with the cardinal directions. The cloth and beads are all reflective of the colour ascribed to each direction, according to Plains Cree spiritual beliefs.