Corrie Peters

Winner, SSNAP 2015 –
After Receiving The Joan McConnell Award and Residency for the best work in the competition, Where is She Now?

My time as Artist In Residence on Salt Spring was full of welcome, support and retreat. The larger community on the island was an encouragement to me in my art practice, through their ongoing, thoughtful engagement with my work. It was great to feel welcomed in to the community with an excitement that was balanced with a strong sensitivity to the creative process and the realities of time within in. All this happened to the backdrop of spring arriving on the island and in this environment I was able to find the mental and physical space to develop work that I have not been able to at home.

And it turns out, the lure of the island and ocean during my residency proved too great. Myself and my family have recently moved from Treaty 1 territory in Winnipeg and are making our home on unceded Coast Salish territory in Victoria, BC. I am currently working to understand the implied and overt ways we categorize usefulness and its extensions into how we view people, understand ourselves and develop social systems. My current artwork is the act or learning, recognizing and acting on this, often within the parent/child relationship. I am documenting this through the slow process of taking apart a factory woven wool blanket and using the fragile wool that emerges to knit a new object.