art prize awards

The inaugural Salt Spring National Art Prize offers $25,000 worth of awards.

Approximately 50 Finalists will be selected to participate in the Finalist exhibition on Salt Spring Island. A list of Finalists will be published prior to the exhibition, but the Finalist works will only be revealed by SSNAP at the Gala Opening on Friday, 25 September 2015.

The exhibition will be open daily from Saturday 26 September through Monday, 26 October 2015. All Finalists will be featured with their entries in a professional exhibition catalogue.

Finalists may be selected to win one of 8 awards, 5 selected by jurors and 3 selected by public vote. The award winners will be announced at the Gala Awards on Saturday, 24 October 2015.

best work

The Joan McConnell Award and Residency for the best work in the competition

$10,000 + Salt Spring Island Artists Residency in 2016 to the value of $5,000

jurors choice

Three Jurors Awards representing the individual choices of each Juror

$1,000 each

local artist

The Alliance of Salt Spring Artists (ASA) Award


people’s choice

Three Rosemarie Behncke (People’s Choice) Awards
(determined by a vote of exhibition visitors)

1st Prize of $3,000
2nd Prize of $2,000
3rd Prize of $1,000